Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fluency Practice and Laryngitis

Hi, friends!

I just wanted to share with a fun activity that I created to use with my third graders during guided reading.  I have noticed lately that they are struggling hugely with fluency.  Even my higher readers seem to be reading word by word pretty often.  Here is one thing I am going to try with them.  Halloween Silly Sentences!

This is a two page activity--one which the kids will cut out different phrases, and then glue/paste them onto the other page to create silly sentences that they will then read to each other, "scooping" their words together to sound nice and smooth.   So instead of 

"The.  scary.  mummy.  ran.  outside.  to. eat. pizza. ",  They will all very quickly sound like fabulously fluent readers, as they say, "The scary mummy" ... "ran outside"... "to eat pizza."  or even strung all together in one big scoop of words.  

This could work great for a center, or as a seatwork activity while you are working with reading groups. If you try it out, let me know what you think!  

I also have a freebie if you teach K or 1st, a similar activity, but with sight words!!  

Come back soon, as I have some more fun things to share with you!

Here's what made my heart dance today:  one of my students asking me if I had my voice back today (I've had laryngitis for a few days now), and then saying "awww.." and giving me a big hug when I hoarsely told her "no!"

What made YOUR heart dance?